Caught in the Storm of War

Memoirs of a War Reporter

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Adriana Aristizabal's memoir of being a tv reporter in Colombia during the height of the confrontation between guerrilla, paramilitary and army is a close as you can get to the trenches and how it was reported by one intrepid local journalist.  A fascinating insider's account. 

Silvana Paternostro, Author My Colombian War: A Journey Through The Country I Left Behind

I read your book on my flight back home.  I really enjoyed it.  It brought back a lot of memories and emotions from many years back. Your stories were captivating and very realistic.  You are a good writer and a very brave woman.

Joe Toft, Former Director DEA Colombia

After an hour meeting at Manhattan's Eataly, I knew I was with a special woman, a powerful leader, but most of all, a brave soul. She opened that soul for all of us to see, so we can connect with her struggle, or maybe the wars in our own head.

Brian Rashid, Forbes Magazine

Quienes hemos tenido el privilegio de trabajar con Adriana Aristizabal sabemos de la grandeza de su profesionalismo.

Jaime Florez, Governor's Regional Representative at Executive Office of the Governor, State of Florida

Yo como camarógrafo estuve en la toma del Palacio de Justicia y en la avalancha de Armero Tolima donde murieron 25,000 personas; pero lo más duro y peligroso fue el enfrentamiento de la guerrilla y el ejército en el Putumayo al lado de mi compañera la periodista Adriana Aristizabal, esa mujer y yo teníamos la sangre fría para enfrentarnos siempre con el peligro.  

Luis Eduardo Franco, Camarógráfo Canal RCN
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Caught in the Storm of War

Caught in the Storm of War

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Memoirs of a War Reporter

Memoirs of a War Reporter

My name is Adriana Aristizabal, I covered the war in Colombia between 1998 and 2004. It was one of the most dangerous and complex conflicts in hist...